This blog has moved

I will be happy to annoy you with further boring stories from a new address:

Thanks for updating your bookmarks and feed readers. The RSS feed is over there, by the way:

If you don’t know what an RSS feed reader is but would like to find out, I wrote some crap about that once.


2 thoughts on “This blog has moved”

    1. Long story, but yeah, self-hosted now. Some things happened that made me want to be more in control of where my stuff is stored and who can get access to it. Now with the auto-updater, hosting WP yourself isn’t as painful and dangerous as it used to be, so I’m trying it out again.

      I’ll be losing some subscribers and some of the interaction with users and the general blogosphere there, that sucks. But getting Jetpack (I think that would integrate them again) would still tie the blog to an outside service, and I’d like to avoid that for the moment.


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