Review the reviewer: mrdeathjr28

For those Linux gamers among you who still have a few Windows games lying around, WINE, with or without PlayOnLinux, is a good option for running them on GNU/Linux. But do they run? If so, how well? The AppDB at is usually very helpful to figure things out in text, but it would be nice to see stuff in motion sometimes.

mrdeathjr28 to the rescue. He does very, very detailed and thorough demo clips of various Windows games on WINE, with hardware specs, CPU load and all in the picture. The newer videos are encoded using NVENC so there isn’t much CPU load from encoding. Here’s an example:

It’s all in Spanish, but hey: gaming knows no language boundaries!!!!!!111 And who says the world always has to be in English? He’s not really a reviewer, more like an experimental gamer, but I thought I’d mention him anyway because his videos surely help decide whether it’s worth your time trying a particular game on WINE.

Go check him out.

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