Fixing black Steam store section using WINE through PlayOnLinux

Are you using the excellent, delicious, succulent PlayOnLinux to play those last few (or perhaps just very old) Windows games on GNU/Linux? Are you using Steam on that? Is the “Store” section just a big black page so you can’t get to those game entries? Fear no more, the people at WINE’s AppDB have pinpointed the problem and it’s easy to solve.

Just add the option -no-cef-sandbox when you start Steam inside PlayOnLinux. This is what that looks like in the “Configure” section of your Steam virtual drive:


7 thoughts on “Fixing black Steam store section using WINE through PlayOnLinux”

    1. I just noticed it doesn’t work anymore on e.g. WINE 2.3. We’ll have to wait until the WINE team finds out what’s going on, I guess. As a sort of workaround you can buy Windows games via Linux native Steam as well, then play them in PlayOnLinux/WINE. The “Library” view does work.

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      1. Thanks for the reply. I got it working when I didn’t use the PlayOnLinux wizard and instead installed steam using the latest installer from the website using wine64 2.1 and your -no-cef-sandbox argument. (PlayOnLinux wizard still uses that wine 1.7.53-steam_crossoverhack)

        So it works but the game I wanted to play (GITS-FA) won’t run cause the anti-cheat won’t run (I know those are finicky sometimes). So it was all for nothing anyway šŸ™‚ I’m gonna try 2.3 and also x86 2.1 and 2.3 and see if I have anymore luck with that game. (not looking good on wineHQ though) And also try installing .NET and C++ runtimes although I think steam would’ve taken care of that.

        Also steamwebhelper.exe crashes when I’m in steam but it doesn’t seem to affect anything.

        As for your workaround good idea! I guess you could also buy the game on the website too. But I don’t think you can get free games to show up in your library unless you install them from that client…

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  1. Ah, free games! I hadn’t thought of those. Yes, you’re right, there’s no way to install those in such a case. The steamwebhelper.exe crash seems “normal”, at least it’s been like this for me for years and it never mattered. The thing still crashes even when the store pages display as normal.

    Maybe Valve also changed something about their sandboxing, though you’d think disabling it would work around that. Oh well, I’ll keep updating this article with any new info that comes in, thanks for sharing what you found šŸ™‚

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  2. You can install free steam games via terminal from playonlinux. Go your steam directory via console then enter “wine steam.exe steam://install/[appid]
    Hope this helps


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