Review the reviewer: Jakejw93

I reviewed The Linux Gamer without giving Jakejw93 his well-earned spot. So here it is, and let’s kick off with one of his videos about triple-screen gaming on Linux, which I was very happy to hear, works rather well:

Here we also finally see what he looks like (I’ve always thought of him as a disembodied voice) and I see that a beard competition is in order. I’ll give him two or three years to catch up in terms of length, but then, it’s on.

Much like I love Mack‘s accent, I also really like Jakejw93’s: “I’ve got evryfink runnin okay”. These UK accents are something we don’t really get much of here, so it’s super-refreshing to hear someone not sounding like a Londoner.

Jake doesn’t only cover the growing niche of Linux gaming (and niches within the niche of Linux gaming) but also Windows vs. Linux comparisons and now and then he even gives you a review of a Windows game through WINE.

He’s one of the original Linux gaming youtubers, he’s been at it for over six years now, and I must confess that I didn’t pay enough attention to his videos during all this time. That was wrong. Don’t repeat my mistake. Check him out now.


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