Diary of a year of not buying video games (or books): January 2016

So I’ve challenged myself to a year of not buying any video games because I have the same problem as every gamer: a massive collection of games bought, but never played. Even Valve knows that gamers spend more time buying games than playing them. Isn’t that silly?

To improve the situation I first weeded out the games that really don’t interest me and am now down to 30 titles that I want to at least try to play, or that genuinely seem fascinating to me. But 30 titles, that’s still at least a year of gameplay! So what to do? Not buy any more games for a year, of course.

January 2016

I have store credit at GOG from games I’ve returned. And the store credit will become invalid in 182 days (for my credit in USD) and 316 days (for my credit in €). That means that I will be practically forced to buy games worth around 30€ from GOG this year, before I can start my challenge. How convenient!

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human

The first thing I bought was the interesting-looking The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human to use up my USD store credit. Since I also had EUR store credit that needed burning, I decided to buy Dropsy, which received excellent reviews, not least by The Linux Gamer. I also got Nuclear Throne. A risky choice because GOG don’t have the Linux version yet, and in the past they have sometimes not released Linux versions of games that received them on Steam. The final purchase that cleared my GOG store credit was The Curious Expedition.

The Curious Expedition

So I bought four games for store credit that came from refunding one: The Witcher 3. It looks unlikely it’ll get a Linux version at the moment. These new games plus what I already have should easily last over a year.

And what if it does? Perhaps I’ll discover that the average gamer doesn’t need to buy more than one, two games a year. What if that topples the entire gaming industry? Scary and exciting!


I really wanted to buy The Bug Butcher because I loved Pang back in the day and the company making it is from Austria. Always support our Austrian neighbors! In the book realm, Rudy Rucker did me a disservice by recommending several extremely interesting-sounding books. On the list they go.

Seeing that I already had to break my promise due to the forgotten store credit, I’m prolonging the challenge to 1 year after my last game purchase. That would be January 28, 2017 now.

Now playing and reading

Pillars of Eternity. 10 hours in. The Collected Teachings of Ajahn Chah. Black Man by Richard Morgan.

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