Latest WINE package for Debian GNU/Linux

I wanted to play Borderlands 2 on GNU/Linux, and so I set up a completely automated build environment that creates Debian packages out of the very latest WINE development source code.

Yeah, I know I’m overdoing it a bit, but if you’d like to use my WINE packages, have a look at my WINE release page for Debian GNU/Linux.

4 thoughts on “Latest WINE package for Debian GNU/Linux”

  1. Just post here to say Thank you. I download your wine 1.7.5 Debian package. It’s installed without any problems on Jessie after grabbing some dependency packages. Nice work!


      1. Oh, sorry. You can check out the Debian official Wine dependencies? 😛

        PS, would you like to supply the latest stable Wine package? I noticed GL games under stable version performed a bit better than the unstable. Thanks again.


      2. Well, the official dependencies are split into a hundred packages (usually) and my packages don’t need all those libraries, so I’d prefer dependencies for just what I’m building.

        But oh well. About stable: I can look at it, yes, but it’ll be a few weeks before I can implement that.


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