The GNU/Linux Gaming Chocoletters: Part 1

I’m sending out a little package to a developer that recently released their latest game for GNU/Linux in addition to other platforms. This is to show a little enthusiasm for game companies supporting GNU/Linux gaming.

I’m not sure how Stallman thinks about this, but I think that games are art (like music, books, etc.) and so do not necessarily need to be free software.

Of course it makes it a lot easier if we have the source and decent license to an older game. We can at least make it run on modern platforms if we have the original assets, as was the case with Quake 3 and other id games. But I don’t mind proprietary games for GNU/Linux, and I’ll continue buying them.

So, mystery company, watch your mailbox for sudden appearances of sweet edibles in the next few days.

Update: The first package is on its way!


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