Steam advertising GNU/Linux support even to Windows and Mac OS X users

I noticed that even to Windows users, Steam seems to advertise that they are now available on GNU/Linux:

I thought that category is only visible when you’re logged in with the GNU/Linux client, but it seems to be there all the time. This, and Steam’s decision to build their own game consoles based on GNU/Linux, warms my heart.

Not all is perfect with the GNU/Linux client yet. I’ve been in the open beta since phase two, and dozens of users have reported dozens of things in the Steam community forums. But if Valve manage to solve half of the outstanding issues, Steam would already be one of the better non-free pieces of software for GNU/Linux.

I’ll make sure to play all the GNU/Linux games I’ve bought in the past few years through Steam, if they have a Steam activation code available, just to count towards the statistics. I’m guessing the number of “normal” GNU/Linux users might be dwarfed by the number of Steambox users when that thing rolls out, but still.

Happily, most of the Humble Indie Bundle games will appear in your Steam account if you activate them. My last non-Humble-Bundle GNU/Linux game purchase was Faster Than Light, by the way, it’s excellent and you can get it at a ridiculous price of $4.99 at the moment. It registers on Steam.

If you’re wondering why I tolerate non-free games while I don’t tolerate non-free (productivity) software and are preparing to call me a hypocrite, feel free! I always considered games to be in the same category as movies and music, not software, and I’ve always been happy to receive non-free material in that category.

Go, Steam!

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