DuckDuckGo: Finally a decent Google replacement

I get very annoyed about Google from time to time. They refuse to honor the language settings in my browser and insist on translating everything to German just because I’m in Switzerland (or Finnish when I’m in Finland). They boost German search results to the top even when I’ve set everything to English. Some Google services, such as Google Groups, sometimes can’t be switched to English at all, there is simply no setting for it and the completely fragmented mess that is Google’s account settings system is not capable of saving the language properly and using it in all Google services.

A few months ago, I started looking at DuckDuckGo as a search alternative thanks to a hint from Tomáš. Back then, the search engine was quite slow, but that’s been improved quite a lot. How does DuckDuckGo solve the problem of fucked up language settings, forced localization and unwanted biasing of search results towards your geographical region? By offering you a god damn setting for it:

There, the “World Traveler” option. It gives you non-language filtered, non-geobiased, non-boosted search results. Praised be ye!

And if you still need Google or e.g. Google Images, just use the handy bang shortcuts and other goodies. Along with all that, DuckDuckGo has some very useful little touches such as favicon display next to search results, keyboard navigation (also with vi keyboard mapping) and a way to disambiguate search results. All in a minimalist interface with gradual exposure of more advanced features.

I’m happy with it so far. Maybe you want to try it as well.

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