Vintersorg’s new album: Jordpuls

Wow, finally a Vintersorg album in Swedish again! And what an album!

Vintersorg is full of energy on this new release, and the tracks go all over the place. You will hear Borknagar-style confusions of guitar noise, you’ll have upbeat folk-inspired sing-song tracks like Klippor och skär that make you feel as if Vintersorg’s now-disbanded folk band, Otyg, were alive again.

Here, have a listen!

None of the songs ever get boring, but some people might think it all sounds a bit chaotic. Quiet passages, walls of noise, clean singing, growling, folk melodies, black metal, synthetic harps, genuine violins; all in the space of 3 minutes. Don’t worry one bit if you’re able to pick out the structure in Borknagar songs, though. People who can make sense of Borknagar will find Jordpuls easy listening of the Tom Jones kind.

Obligatory buy links:

Jordpuls at Amazon Germany, Jordpuls at Amazon UK (with MP3s), Jordpuls at Amazon USA (with MP3s).

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