New black/doom metal discovery: Dekadent

I only just discovered Slovenian epic black metal band Dekadent. They play very powerful, evocative, pompous and epic black metal with a touch of doom and, weirdly, many happy passages but always with growled vocals. The music has a very large feel to it, they create big warbling soundscapes and then tear them down with walls of noise.

I don’t know any other band that sounds like this. Some people call this sort of stuff “post-metal”, but let’s not get overexcited here.

Here’s a clip from a slower song, “Raided”, from the album “Venera: Trial & Tribulation”:

And here are some links to buy this shit from Amazon:

Dekadent: Venera: Trial & Tribulation

Dekadent: Deliverance of the Fall

Dekadent: Manifestation of Seasonal Blee

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