No Flash since February

When I installed Debian 6.0 this February, I decided not to install Macromedia Flash, mostly because it’s proprietary. But there was an unexpected side effect: My web browser runs a lot faster and I get much less annoyed by stupid animations, banners and malware. The only thing I used to use Flash for was video sites, and the sites I use that have video (YouTube and The Escapist) both offer HTML5/WebM or H.264 video, so there’s no reason to use Flash there, either.

This has been a very positive experience so far, I can only recommend it, for great improvements to your sanity and happiness.

One thought on “No Flash since February”

  1. Unfortunately my (net)Bank uses flash – yes I know it’s lame… -, so my best option is to leave it disabled and enable on demand.
    One day I tell you… one day!


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