Lincomp GmbH will be at the Ubuntu 11.04 Release Party in Winterthur, Switzerland

A few months ago, Nick Schenker and I founded Lincomp GmbH, a company specializing in sales of Linux-specific hardware and all sorts of IT equipment. The idea isn’t new: I’ve run the Lincomp brand as part of JM Cahenzli AG from 2007 to 2010. But now in 2011, we turned it into its own entity. Nick and I are both managing directors. Nick brings extensive hardware know-how to the table, he designs and hand-picks all of our products for Linux compatibility and a fantastic bang for the buck, using only tried and tested brand-name components.

I take care of all the bookkeeping and I’m also writing our own custom e-commerce system in Ruby on Rails, Stizun. So now you know that I haven’t been lazy in supporting FOSS these last few months, there was just too much work setting up Lincomp GmbH to let you know what’s going on 🙂

You can talk to Nick and me at the Ubuntu 11.04 release party in Winterthur, Switzerland, on April 30. More information about the party is available from Ubuntu-CH. Lincomp is also one of the party sponsors

We will be unveiling our new flagship PC, the Lincomp Origin Desktop Pro, at the party. A monster machine that tops almost all of the Linux benchmarks and costs less than CHF 1200.00. You can try that beast right there running Ubuntu 11.04, and you can purchase PCs at special reduced party prices.

See you there!

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