Switzerland’s politics slide further towards the right

This weekend, the Swiss people voted on an initiative from the mother of all right-wing parties, the SVP. The initiative allows Switzerland to treat Swiss people differently from foreigners when punishing them for crimes. There is now a list of crimes written into our constitution for which foreigners are not only punished, but repatriated or simply thrown out of the country, to wherever. This is in addition to fines and jail time, not as an alternative.

So thanks to a manipulative, populist marketing campaign costing several million francs, Switzerland now has systematic double jeopardy written into its constitution. Thank you, all of you who voted without switching your brain on this weekend. Nice to share a country with you.

It was reported that when the results of the vote were announced, everyone back at the SVP headquarters gathered to sing the new SVP theme song, “Ship Those Niggers Back” by Johnny Rebel.

(With apologies to anyone offended by this. But I’d prefer if the SVP apologized, like they should.)

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