Headless full-stack web application testing with Capybara, Cucumber, Hudson and Selenium/Webdriver

It sounds like a big stack of things to use, but Ludo van den Boom and Tim Riley between them have all the information you need to set up a headless continuous integration environment that does full-stack testing of web applications, even JavaScript-heavy ones:



I hate the fact that you have to involve 16 different programming languages and a stack of 85 layers of testing frameworks these days just to write a single web application, but at least these tools take some of the pain out.

I’ll try to set up one of those environments at the Zurich University of the Arts, but I want to forward the screen output via VNC to an old lamp-style iMac that we have lying around, so that we see Firefox clicking about all day long and know that our test machinery is happy 🙂

Side note: Capybaras are cute and have the funniest ears. Or are those auricles? You decide!

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