VODO and the superior warez style of film distribution

The guys at VODO know the warez scene. But their P2P releases are 100% legal, they simply use BitTorrent and popular warez and non-warez trackers to distribute films for their clients.

This is the way it should have been from the beginning, this is something that Hollywood itself should be doing. But Hollywood is slow and old and boring. VODO and other services like it are nimble and young and fun.

Hell, their releases even include .nfo files that look like they come from a warez group. That’s credibility and style, man! Mad props, you could say.

Check out VODO. And while you’re there, download The Yes Men’s latest film, The Yes Men Fix the World.

The Yes Men are a group of political activists/satirists/parodists that pose as top executives from large corporations, then get invited to important conferences and confront greedy suits with some facts from the real world. It’s always fun and always thoughtful, or at the very least makes you think. Buy their DVDs if you like the P2P edition of the film.

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