Watch TV channels using mplayer, through Wilmaa’s Internet TV system

Roman Haefeli recently released two very handy shell scripts that let you watch and record TV through Wilmaa. All you need is mplayer and rtmpdump and, voilà, TV with hardware-acceleration, without any of the annoying and slow Flash player crap that Wilmaa throws at you.

This allows even slow computers such as netbooks to smoothly play these TV streams full-screen.

Check it out at

The script is released under GNU GPLv2, if you fork the project on GitHub and send pull requests for your improvements, I’m sure Roman will merge them.

Caveat: It might only work from Switzerland for now, I don’t know which countries can get Wilmaa.

2 thoughts on “Watch TV channels using mplayer, through Wilmaa’s Internet TV system”

  1. He deserves handshakes, congratulations and all sorts of praise!

    It’s a fantastic little script. I’d even still be happy with it if it fetched and displayed Wilmaa’s advertisements first. Only I think they’re in Flash or some other godawful format, so that won’t work, huh?

    Anyhow. Add twice the quality and 5 times the channels (Channel 4 for example) and an mplayer-capable IP TV solution would be worth 10 Francs a month to me, if it worked exactly like Roman’s script 🙂


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