EU to destroy open standards, Free Software policy

The EU has had a policy called the European Interoperability Framework, which to some extent defines how to apply open standards in order to improve IT interoperability.

There are, however, a few large companies in the IT sector that do not like interoperability. They would much prefer if the world remains incompatible so that they can profit from their own vendor lock-in schemes. Under the lobbying of these companies, Microsoft is one of them, the EU is about to update and weaken the European Interoperability Framework and turn it into a toothless silly document that does nothing for interoperability. This would reverse the push for open standards in the EU to some extent.

If you are a EU citizen, write the commissioners handling this case that you would prefer if the EU would not bow to corporate bullying and would uphold its stance on open standards and Free Software.

Karsten Gerloff already reported on this nonsense in 2009, his article has more background.

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