The multiplayer point and click adventure game

I think this is an inevitable innovation!

Recently, I thought “hey, it would be nice to play Machinarium with friends from far away”. Point and click adventure games are the most fun to me when I can guess at solutions with friends. That usually means being piled up in front of a single monitor, passing the potato chips around.

A scene from Machinarium by Amanita Design

The second best thing would be to have an adventure game with an online mode, where I can invite friends, see their mouse pointers move and perhaps have voice chat. Each person would need their own bag of chips, though.

I’ve researched a bit and couldn’t find anything on this, so I think this doesn’t exist yet. What do you think, adventure game makers? Time for the multiplayer point and click? A poor man’s solution would be to use some desktop sharing software that can also transmit sound (so everyone hears the game’s music and voices), but that’s ghetto-style. Also, it means only two could play because usually this kind of software won’t allow multiple owners of the mouse pointer, let alone multiple mouse pointers. This could be much more elegantly implemented in a game that has dedicated multiplayer support.

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