Hugo Roy compares Free Software to democracy

Hugo Roy wrote an excellent post over at the FSFE fellowship blogs. While he says that there’s nothing new in what he’s writing, I’ll put another spin on it and say that some things can’t be repeated often enough. Such as software freedom, an issue that most people don’t care about and/or don’t understand yet. But once they run into enough of the problems that non-free software causes, they will care.

Hugo uses a nice comparison to democracy — while not everyone would run for an election, most people would probably still agree that the fact that they could and that democracy exists is a pretty comfortable thing.

Here’s an excerpt:

Anyone can run for an election, but it does not mean that everyone will. Because not everyone has the capacity or the will to become a politician. This being said, would you say that Democracy does not matter because you do not want to be in politics? I guess most people would not say that.

It’s the same thing with Free Software. Anyone can use, share, study and improve the program. But the fact that you will not do that, does not mean that it’s not important to you. It’s important for the whole system. And the more important the system becomes, the more valuable is that freedom.

Read the rest at Hugo’s blog.

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