Swiss educational publishers bullshit teachers into criminality

Some large Swiss publishers in the educational sector got together to put up this website:

(Google Translate version in English)

And Digitale Allmend (an organization involved in Creative Commons in Switzerland, among other things) picked the article apart, pointing out gross exaggerations, half-truths, fearmongering and accusations that Switzerland’s teachers are now all criminals:

(Google Translate version in English)

The Digitale Allmend finishes with the sentence:

A truly “fair” campaign would not only explain the views of the publishers, but discuss the current situation in a more comprehensive way as well as point out sustainable alternatives. Digitale Allmend demands that the campaign be thoroughly reworked according to the points mentioned. Digitale Allmend also demands that educational publishers produce more content under liberal licenses like Creative Commons, so that their works may be freely copied, distributed and used.

I agree šŸ™‚

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