Harvard University unimpressed with Windows 7, welcomes more Ubuntu

Over at Boycott Novell we have a few choice quotes by early users of Windows 7, both big and small names. It’s interesting that Harvard sees no rush migrating to Windows 7 and will instead increase their Ubuntu GNU/Linux deployment.

My Windows 7 review was mostly about gaming, and for that I see no real problem with Win 7. Windows is where the gaming market is, at least until PC gaming dies the horrible death that has been predicted for it since 1997. For serious work I’m sure that I get fantastic performance from the FOSS systems, but I’m not sure how Windows would fare because I haven’t risked doing any serious work on it.

Perhaps the seeds of a second review when the first service packs roll in? 🙂

In related news, if you haven’t yet, check out the new Ubuntu 9.10, Karmic Koala. Update: Reading some of the comments around those articles linked in the Boycott Novel one seems to indicate that 9.10 contains a fair bunch of regressions (problems that had been fixed in previous releases that reappear in the current one). That’s bad! More QA at Ubuntu HQ, please! Go and help Canonical with testing Ubuntu releases, post bugs etc. Also, consider contributing your time to Debian GNU/Linux. They only release once every aeon, but their releases usually have far less regressions, and this helps Canonical who are leeching know-how from Debian.

Regressions don’t have to be, and this throws a bad light on Shuttleworth’s plans of release-every-six-months-or-die. If the consequence is more regressions, either the community at large has to focus on synchronized releases together (which would throw more eyeballs at discovering and fixing regressions) or Canonical has to hire more developers and testers to do this themselves.

Another hint could of course be not to change half the system, eh? Audio subsystem here, system initialization scripts there, yeah, let’s wipe out 80% of the system architecture in six months and see if that improves anything.

Oh my, now this has turned into a rant against regressions. It started so innocently…

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