How Free Software has changed people’s lives

Jon “Mad Dog” Hall has a very nice article up about how he left his mark on a few people and how moving to Free Software has improved their lives. We don’t have that many long-term observations for Free Software yet, because it’s a young sector, but Jon has been with it from the start and has always showed a huge amount of foresight. The people he has convinced of Free Software a decade ago have been reaping the benefits ever since. The earlier you make the move, the earlier you can profit as well.

One commenter even reminds Jon that thanks to his vision and dedication to Free Software, the US Space Shuttle and other space gear now runs its software on Linux, and how that has saved them the trouble of porting to a zillion incompatible and closed platforms.

It’s beautiful when you see first-hand (well, read second-hand) what a positive influence freedom in software can have on a person’s life.

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