The Copyright Mafia wants to spy on Canadians

Here’s news that the Canadian arm of the Copyright Mafia has opposed a law that would make it illegal for them to install spyware on people’s computers.

It gets really worrying when the content industry wants to prevent the government from passing a law that protects citizens. And just so that Big Content can keep spying on people using draconic DRM systems.

One of the provisions of the law would make it illegal for someone to install software on a person’s computer without asking them. The Copyright Mafia opposes this — they want to have a special exception so that they are allowed secretly install anything on your machine.

It’s good if you use an operating system that Big Content isn’t “supporting” with their generous good spying intentions, but that won’t allow you to hide forever. So the only way for you Canadians to protect yourselves from such nonsense is to become politically active and oppose these changes. It’s good if the government introduces laws that punish spyware makers and spammers. I see no point in saying “but spyware installed by Warner and Disney is okay”.

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