Decent laptops are hard to find

I recently looked through all sorts of online stores for laptops and came to realize — Apple, of all companies, seems to be making the best PC laptops at this time!

Here’s my checklist for a laptop:

  • No heavier than 2.4 kg
  • Battery life 4+ hours under reasonable coding/writing/Web circumstances
  • Nvidia accelerated graphics (for good 3D performance. Though, unfortunately, with proprietary drivers)
  • Screen resolution 1440 x 900 or higher
  • Glare-free screen (non-glossy, anti-glare, whatever you want to call it — just not a glossy monstrosity where you can see your own reflection in the screen rather than what you’re working on)

Out of all manufacturers I found, the only decent offering is the MacBook Pro 15″ (you can get it with a non-glare screen for about EUR 40 extra). There are a few (Toshiba and Acer) with a similar setup, bout you’d have to settle for ATI graphics. While ATI’s Linux drivers are improving, they’re not quite there yet. I’ll investigate their drivers again, though. If they’re good enough, that at least brings Acer, Toshiba and HP back into the game.

All in all this is shocking, though. Apple, as a company, is such an evil, nasty dominatrix. But that product hits the sweet spot. I’m still waiting for manufacturers to wake up and realize that glossy screens are a really shitty idea so that even the cheaper Nvidia-equipped laptops would be non-glare, but that’s going to take a while. If my current laptop croaks (an IBM T42), I think Apple will be a serious contender.

I feel sticky now.

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