No or slow blogging until September 2010

On the off chance that anyone reads this, I need to find a little more time for real-life things and I’ll be very busy until about the end of 2010. So I thought I’d cut down on the blogging a little. That means this blog and the one at FSFE won’t get much love anymore.

If you’re really interested, I will have time to write short things on Twitter and is more for the geeky topics (Free Software etc.), Twitter more for my gaming habits. All dents (from get tweeted as well.

Don’t you love this newfangled net vocabulary? Radical!

See you in 2011 or so!

5 thoughts on “No or slow blogging until September 2010”

  1. Well, if you’re saying that I was so slow that I can’t really get any slower anyhow, you’re right! 😛

    But thanks, now I’m in a dilemma 😉


  2. Has empriu romontsch? 😀

    Ei fuss aunc interessant da bloggar (ei quei in verb?) sin romontsch, ma jeu stuess emprender da scriver in tech pli bein, quei cheu ei ina catastrofa. Jeu vai in curs en ina mappa zanua…


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