Microsoft wants to break their own new file format

Microsoft is currently trying to sneak changes into their MS-OOXML file format that would break things that had been fixed before, and that would reintroduce a bug involving leap years into Excel and competing spreadsheet software reading files in the MS-OOXML format (.xlsx).

If you’re part of an ISO mirror comittee for ISO/IEC JTC1, please vote NO on these changes. If you believe that this change would not affect many documents because it concerns the transitional class only, be warned! All documents out there right now are transitional. It would break them all (again).

Norbert Bollow has more on what to look for:

This change is well-hidden as the twelfth item in the DCOR 1 (“draft corrigenda 1”) document for ISO/IEC 29500-4, the part of the standard which deals with specifics of the “transitional” conformance class. Currently all OOXML documents which exist in practice are of this conformance class, so regardless of the name, any change which is made there has in practice exactly the same effect as a change which refers to both conformance classes (the other conformance class is called “strict”.)

The sleazy tricks, will they ever end?

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