Playing Jade Dynasty without playing Jade Dynasty

Since the last time I spent ten minutes in Jade Dynasty, I spent another half hour and am now level 9. I also got a little esper thing that floats around me. This is somehow like a pet, but it also allows you to use the “Invigorate” skill, which makes Jade Dynasty play itself. After charging the ability for a while, you pick what your character should do while you’re AFK via these settings and filters:


You can even specify what your character should attack and what to loot! This surely makes it easier to gather crafting components or specific loot items you’re looking for.

I passed control of my character to my esper and went for a shower this morning. When I returned, my guy had been killed. It seems that either the “Recover” feature doesn’t work or I misunderstand the settings (which I had left at their defaults). The way I understand it, the game should check HP/MP every 2 seconds and if either is below 50%, the game should initiate recovery until full. It just never seems to recover!

So I ran my character around town to the easier mobs, set him on Invigorate, grabbed a coffee and read the news. By the time I was finished with that, my character was still alive and had made three quarters of a level’s exp, even on easy green monsters. He’d also run out of MP completely, so that he could only strangle butterflies with his bare hands instead of using heavy blows.

It’s an extremely interesting feature, if it gets fixed. You have to question the validity of the whole genre if companies can innovate by giving you the ability to not play the game, however. I do wonder where all of this will lead.

Jade Dynasty will be the last free-to-play I looke at, I tried a good dozen now and only Runes of Magic and Jade Dynasty seem truly interesting (this is opinion, not fact). I know I said that I wouldn’t look at any subscription-based games in these articles, but I’ll make one exception due to nostalgia: EverQuest II. I never played EQ2 before but I had an EQ addiction, and while everyone in EverQuest II looks like a waxen corpse, Tipa from West Karana always makes the game sound so juicy. The art style is horrible, particularly compared to WoW, but the gameplay is rumored to be polished like a ball of mud.

I’ll start by trying. With a free trial.

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