GOG.com is gaming with heart

gog_logoI’ve been a fan of GOG.com ever since they started. GOG stands for “good old games”, and you get exactly what it says on the can. The company re-releases old favorites, patches them up to run on newer operating systems and then makes them purchasable for ridiculously low prices, via download. It’s all DRM-free.

Now they’ve started publishing a series of affiliate spotlight articles, and today it’s about DOSbox. DOSbox is a Free Software DOS emulator that can run many of the old games, and GOG themselves use it in their products. While most other companies in gaming are afraid of Free Software and even big names like id software don’t always use the Free Software licenses correctly, GOG is all nonchalant about it and Does The Right Thing(tm) by default.

This is amazing. I’ve already bought four games from them, and if I could I would buy their whole catalog. Their website is super-slick, the products they sell are great, downloads are fast, you get bonus content like soundtracks free with your purchase and they’re a good citizen in the Free Software community. What more could you want?

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