UNIX, a man’s man’s system

No, not manpages, but men. Real men. Real, furry men (or muscular and bold women) use UNIX. I didn’t know why that impression is out there, but now I read a little sentence in Linus Torvalds’ blog that reminded me why it’s there.

To quote a slightly different version to the one Linus used:

UNIX gives you just enough rope to hang yourself — and then a couple more feet, just to be sure.
— Eric Allman

And it’s true. UNIXlike systems give you extremely powerful tools, and with that power comes responsibility. Just look at what sudo tells you the first time you run it. Probably the same thing I just told you.

You need to be a proper man (or woman, or both) to wield that power, and perhaps that’s what makes people afraid of the system, and that in turn makes those using the system appear manlier (or womanlier) than they are.

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