Lincomp is preparing for a change in strategy

In the last months, we have received significantly more requests for custom-built PCs than for stock PCs. Our current shop system and our inventory can’t quite keep up with these requests, though.

That’s why we decided to shift our strategy this year. We will be supplying more Linux-compatible PC parts (mainboards, graphics cards, network cards…) as well as accessories. PCs need cases, cases need power supplies — this is very different to our current inventory, many things need to change.

We are planning to finish this shift by the end of the year. You will be informed about any further steps here on our website. We are excited to change direction and hope to better serve your needs!

2 thoughts on “Lincomp is preparing for a change in strategy”

  1. Yes, that idiocy from Microsoft’s direction has been going on for some time.

    They also tried to assert that Linux violates over 200 Microsoft patents without actually letting anyone know which 200 Microsoft patents that’s supposed to be.

    It’s just scaremongering and FUD. Also, I want to see them assert their American software patents in areas where software patents aren’t even legal. It’s complete lunacy.


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