Germany bans gaming event, allows weapons show

Because of the killing spree in Winnenden, the city of Stuttgart has banned the Intel Friday Night Game event in Stuttgart, an official “e-sports” event in the ESL Pro Series. At the same time, a much larger weapons exhibition only a few kilometers from the city was allowed even though the city went to court to prevent it. The judge ruled in favor of the wapons show’s organizers.

Clearly, the little elves and orcs in Warcraft III, not guns, kill people.

One thought on “Germany bans gaming event, allows weapons show”

  1. While both the tragedy in Winnenden and the ban of a gaming event in Stuttgart is appalling, there is a huge difference in guns killing people (as mentioned above) and people killing people.
    Guns do not kill people much the same as playing online games like W.O.W. (World of Warcraft) does not in itself kill people. It is a shame that statements such as the one you made still precipitate in the minds of so many people.
    On another note I do like your sight and I like the fact that there is a place where someone can buy a MS free computer within Europe.



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