NRK’s broadcasts coming DRM-free to BitTorrent

Good news for Norwegians and Norsk-learners. My own NRK scraper will die a fiery death as Norwegian national broadcaster NRK puts their broadcasts on their own BitTorrent tracker, using Pirate Bay technology.

They even have a Twitter account and an RSS feed of broadcasts. Plus, they recommend Miro. I couldn’t have done it better.

Epic wins for the internets.

Update: And here’s an interview with Pirate Bay’s Peter Sunde, as broadcast on NRK.

One thought on “NRK’s broadcasts coming DRM-free to BitTorrent”

  1. In a week of tiring contributions and unhelpful distortions from biased sources, it’s so good to finally read a bit of good news. Here’s a media company doing something novel; working out how to address a new audience.

    A competitive company! Good lord. Imagine that.


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