Translating applications to Züritüütsch


Jesus Christ, this is a tough one. Swiss-German is officially dying, and I want to do something against it, so I started translating our applications to Züritüütsch (Zürich-German). The trouble is that I don’t even know proper Züritüütsch to begin with, I grew up with Khûrertütsch. It’s tough, tough, tough.

If you have a good grasp of English and Züritüütsch, want to help me out? The project uses standard-issue gettext .po files, so you can use any of your translator tools. Heck, you can even just pencil your translations on a piece of toilet paper and mail them in.

Contact me and/or check out the source code if you’re interested. Also, if you know Bärndütsch or Bavarian, I’d be equally interested 🙂

Just look at the glorious aura of Swiss-German buttons:


Long live the dead and the dying (languages)!

2 thoughts on “Translating applications to Züritüütsch”

  1. Why don’t you translate to Khûrertütsch? Or walliserdiitsch? Or bärndütsch or whatever may exist in swiss language mess.
    This’d be way much better than züüritüütsch 😛
    (Isn’t it boring everything seems to be züridütsch or german or english?)

    But besides, I think in ZH_GE it’s “spichere”, not “speicherä”..?
    I may be thinking wrong, ‘coz me is from berne 😛


  2. Hi Kielo 🙂

    Walliserditsch would be fantastic! If you know someone who’d like to translate to that, no problem 🙂

    And I think “spichere” is Bärndütsch, at least I’ve only heard it from people from Bärn. By the way, I found someone who has a very very good Züritüütsch, maybe I can convince her to help with the translation.

    I’d like it in a translation to a “more beautiful” dialect as well, but since the ZHdK is a Zürich university, it’s probably more fitting to do Züritüütsch first, no? 🙂


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