This Saturday: A presentation about MUDs and text-based games

I will be giving a short-ish (1 – 1.5 hours) presentation and a workshop about text-based gaming at the Open Saturday Switzerland this Saturday.

I’ve rambled on and on about this topic before, but I think it doesn’t convince anyone if it’s just given in text. Which is weird. So I’m going to give people a small intro into roleplaying game mechanics theory (it’s even more boring than it sounds!) and then foam out of my mouth in front of a 2 x 1.5 meter MUD client display.

There will be live workshops after the presentation where we sort of play a MUD together or drink mead from hollowed-out animal horns and yell “’tis so” and “for sooth” from time to time, like proper medieval dual-wielding rangers did.

If you want to witness any of that (or just have a beer on the house), come to the Silhquai 131, the rooms of the Vertiefung Mediale Künste of the Zürich University of the Arts in Zürich on Saturday, 14th of February. Doors open at 14h, presentations start at 15h and you can bring your own laptop and typing skills if you want to try the stuff.

The presentation is in Swiss-German unless the majority of the audience objects. All games shown are Free Software or at least free.

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