Warner Music has no humor (updated)

I’ve created a misheard lyrics video for Nightwish’s song Amaranth quite some time ago. It achieved about half a million views on YouTube, but now WMG (which I assume is Warner Music Group) has taken it down. I was told that some people actually sang my misheard lyrics instead of the original ones at concerts, so I’m flattered. But now the video has disappared!

Google/YouTube offers a fantastic service for such situations: AudioSwap. You can swap your movies’ audio tracks for ones that Google has officially licensed from the content owners. This creates a great opportunity for alternative video authors (including misheard lyrics authors) to put their content on YouTube, with fully licensed audio tracks.

I hope that WMG finds their sense of humor soon and licenses Nightwish’s Amaranth to Google, so that my video (and everyone else’s!) becomes available again. Misheard lyrics videos are a fun hobby, but Warner Music Group is being a spoilsport here.

The original video was at:


Update: I’ve now circumvented the problem by placing a muted version of my video side by side with the official Nuclear Blast YouTube video of the track 🙂 So you can more or less watch it again at this mashup page.

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