Running (newer) Anarchy Online under WINE

Anarchy Online bugs out when patching newer versions in the 17.x series under WINE. The exact error is “An unsupported operation was attempted”. If you’re willing to install IE 6.x under WINE using ies4linux, however, you can fix that issue:

  1. Install ies4linux, IE 6.0 is enough in this case.
  2. Grab a terminal, change to your Anarchy Online directory (somewhere in .wine) and start Anarchy Online the following way, replacing “username” with your username, of course: WINEPREFIX="/home/username/.ies4linux/ie6" wine Anarchy.exe

There you go, you’re happily patching. AO still runs very, very well under WINE, rejoice.

This seems to be an obscure problem, but the solution has actually been around since at least May, posted by Evil Jay in the WineHQ forums.

2 thoughts on “Running (newer) Anarchy Online under WINE”

  1. Just went through the whole process, everything went through just fine… Ran the terminal command to run it, starting with WINEPREFIX, made sure I used the right username, etc. etc.. Anarchy Online’s loader will run just fine, but when I try to patch, no dice. I’m still getting the same error I did before.

    Any other suggestions?


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