Apple another victim of glare-and-gloss screens

So far, only Apple’s lower-cost MacBook laptop line had a glossy screen. Now they made the MacBook worse, and as a free bonus, the MacBook Pro is now bad as well: Both have extremely glossy glass screens.

In the Lincomp store, I try very hard not to sell any glossy monitors or laptops with glossy screens. You just can’t see crap on them as soon as there’s any amount of ambient light. Or for extra points, have you ever tried sitting in front of one of those things wearing a striped outfit? Yes, that basically only concerns people from Denmark, but still: You’ll be projecting whatever you’re wearing right back at you from the screen.

For the Lincomp selection, the situation is so bad that we’re now past the 50/50 point. Most laptop makers no longer supply laptops with non-glare screens. Brochures advertise with nonsense such as “Wow! Glare-type screen!”, as if it’s a good thing having to squint past reflections of your ceiling lights all the time.

Guys? Wake up. Do you remember the last time in computing history when screens did NOT have anti-glare coating? Welcome, Apple and others, to the year 1973. Nice of you to bring your televisions. Does this mean that we’ll have to wait 15 years to buy screens with anti-glare again?

Photo © Apple, used under fair use rights

PS: Do you know why they make screens glossy? Because glossy looks good in the store; it’s that simple. People are magpies, although I think the average magpie has a better sense of ergonomic work environments.

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