2 thoughts on “BioWare — not just for games anymore”

  1. Yes, and I tried the stuff! It tastes okay, but they put artificial sweeteners in there. I’m not sure I like the aftertaste of saccharin/cyclamat/aspartame.

    But what’s interesting about Rivella gelb: Rivella is not THAT interested in the lactose intolerant/vegan market of Switzerland. What they want is to cash in on the Chinese market. Almost all Chinese are lactose intolerant, and there is a massive amount of tofu production in China. By sticking a few hundred thousand francs into the development of a Rivella based on tofu serum, Rivella AG can build production centers in China and attack that market.

    But in two or three thousand years, lobbying by Swiss dairy companies in China will have made all the Chinese lactose tolerant and many Swiss bovine sperm salespeople rich 🙂

    The Swiss are already exporting cows to China, even NZZ has written about it, without even mentioning lactose intolerance:


    Thanks for that comment, I think I’ll turn this into a full-blown blog posting 😉


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