Look, it’s the UEFA Euro 2008

UEFA Euro 2008 Letzigrund

I just noticed there’s a Letzigrund stadium outside my office window. Can you see it? It probably doesn’t have the right colors, but that’s okay. On account of a 10 year old sunlight-damaged CMOS-based webcam, you can’t really read the UEFA label on that building, but it’s there.

Getting to work was quite an adventure today. Dozens of trucks and travel buses are cheerfully blowing their diesel clouds at my face along the roads around the stadium, and the police seem to have hired helpers to manage traffic. Teach newbies to direct traffic? Let’s do it at the Euro 2008. Why swim if you can drown?

I have no idea when the first game is at the Letzigrund stadium, but it’ll make getting to work a bit more interesting still.

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