Internet Explorer 6 is a drooling moron

msie_bug.pngIf you look on the right, you see how the titles of blog postings here are supposed to look. If you are using a braindead browser such as MSIE 6.0, 5.5 or earlier, you won’t see that yellow bar and the post metadata.

This is due to a bug in IE 6’s rendering of elements with negative margins. I’ve found a few workarounds for this, but I’m very reluctant to use them. I can finally empathize with all those web designers who have been complaining about IE for years. Trying to get something to look correct on a browser as broken as that must be a non-stop nightmare.

More standards-compliant browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Konqueror, Opera and IE 7 seem to display things correctly. It should look roughly like in the screenshot here.

Should we really still support a very old and broken piece of software? I think it’s time to stop. It still has a market share of over 20%. Let’s pray for MS to force an upgrade to 7.0 on each and every one of the machines still running it.

One thought on “Internet Explorer 6 is a drooling moron”

  1. A key issue with these non-compliant browsers is that they are really holding back where we can go with network computing; we need to be able to create one site for a PC, tablet, phone and whatever. We can only do that if all systems follow the same ground rules.


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