Somewhat more sporty WordPress theme

I was getting tired of my post text being so wide, so I tried to give the theme a look that’s a bit more sporty. I don’t want to limit the width of the post boxes themselves to a pixel size. That would be easy on the eyes for general reading, but I think it royally messes things up for people that have to use enlarged fonts. The way I’ve set it up now, things are still liquid enough so that you can view the site on anything from 640×480 to 1920×1080 and with any font size between 8pt and 72pt. I use em measures whenever it seems important, so your own browser settings can easily override my font sizes without various bits of text destroying each other.

Oh, and I’ve added widget support for the sidebar (finally). That’s why I’m calling this 2.0 and forking from the first version.

If you have the same broken taste as I or suffer from some sort of mental illness, you can grab the theme via Subversion from

2 thoughts on “Somewhat more sporty WordPress theme”

  1. It’s a very nice update. I’ll try to check out the source and see if I can merge elements with the MinamiOne fork at some point. I think Marko said he’s planning to rearrange the MinamiOne CSS during the weekend.


  2. That would be great! I don’t think there’ll be too many problems, There isn’t that much change in the CSS really. The modifications are minimally intrusive but seem to make a big difference. Much easier on the eyes now, in my opinion. And also note that we’re displaying the same amount of information, yet making the content narrower and sticking the post meta data on the side makes it all look less cramped.



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