Self-experiment: Goat’s milk as alternative?

There are some people that claim that goat’s milk is digested more easily than cow’s milk, and that it’s even digestable for people with lactose intolerance. Since I spotted goat’s milk at the store today, I thought to give this a try. I just had a chocolate milk that tasted like a bit like a farm smells, only with a hint of cocoa. I’ll update this posting with my results. I’m very, very, very lactose intolerant, 0.2g are easily enough to trigger several days of diarrhea, so we’ll see if the myth is true. I couldn’t find any scientific evidence for it so far, but I don’t have access to many medical journals, so I might have missed something.

Update 1: I just found this in a journal: “Despite anecdotal evidence and a small number of clinical cases showing that goats milk is a hypo-allergenic substitute for those allergic to cows milk, and tolerated by those with lactose intolerance, there are few data to support this. Indeed, there appears to be more evidence to refute the claim.” (Frances Robinson, ‘Goats milk – a suitable hypoallergenic alternative?’, British Food Journal, Vol. 103, Iss. 3, 2001)

So I might be in for a very fun Sunday on the toilet. Should’ve checked the journal before 😛

Update 2: To finish this: The goat milk turned out to be surprisingly digestable. I did get feel very bloated for a few hours, but there were no other consequences. I think with the same amount of milk, I wouldn’t have left the bathroom for a bunch of days. So count me as another piece of anecdotal evidence, please.

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