Good Copy Bad Copy

A very interesting documentary about copyright in the digital age. Find it on The Pirate Bay via the official website.

This movie made me aware of the fact that the Nigerian movie industry is more than twice as large as the US one. Now I want to download those movies!

But seriously. I don’t agree with everything everyone says in the documentary, but I do feel old. Do people nowadays flat out refuse to pay EUR 10, 15 or so for an album? I don’t know what it’s like in mainstream pop because I never listen to any, but in proper music, I thought that amount is just about right? At least I know I can barely ever get an album below EUR 15, and I don’t mind at all. Even if part of it goes to an evil music industry. The evil part of it is only on the major labels. If you buy real music, chances are you’d never be supporting any evil major labels anyhow, so you might just as well simply buy the music. Or download off Magnatune, CD Baby or Jamendo, all very exciting alternatives to the traditional industry outlets, with proper, interesting, fresh music.

Update: Just discovered you can buy those Nigerian movies online, for example at Nigeria Movies. Since Nigerians apparently had full-stack digital movie production way before Hollywood, I hope to find an online store with downloadables somewhere.

Update 2: There are video on demand sites for Nigerian movies. Check out Izogn Movies. With flat rate. Convincing! These guys are way ahead of Hollywood.

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