Google Reader Comes out of Beta (and Gets Buggy)

Google Reader came out of beta. How did I notice? Not by the absence of the “Google Labs” logo, but because Google is now completely ignoring all of my language settings! Everything is suddenly German, even though I have explicitly set English as preferred language in both Google and in my browser.

People from Korea have the same problem, and the suggested fix does not work right now.

Sob. I want my Reader the way it was. “Feed-Einstellungen”? “Alle als gelesen markieren”? Honestly 😦

Update: After some amount of outrage on the Google Reader forum, they’ve fixed it now. The estimated physical location of your IP address no longer plays a role in deciding what language Google Reader uses. They’re now going strictly by the one you’ve set in the Google preferences. Bad things can be said about Google, but at least they listen to the audience and act very quickly.

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