Daimonin: A Free and Modern MMORPG


During my research about free (to play) online RPGs I’ve stumbled upon Daimonin. Daimonin continues where Crossfire left off. It’s a massively multiplayer roguelike, as opposed to a graphical MUD such as World of Warcraft or EverQuest. Hey, is EverQuest still relevant nowadays?

Just like Crossfire was used as a test tube for modern MMORPG features (almost every MMORPG out there owes a few features to Crossfire), Daimonin experiments with things too, and I hope some of the commercial MMOs will copy features from it. Contrasting with some other free MMOs, I’ve noticed that Daimonin feels like a finished game already, even though it’s still in beta. There are hundreds of dungeons, thousands of monsters, lots of items and they all have a certain degree of refinement that I’ve missed in other free MMO games. Also, balancing seems very good, though that’s probably too early to judge before I’ve seen the end game.

Give it a try. The controls are more geared towards hardcore gamers and certainly not easy to swallow for people who aren’t willing to make the effort, but once you know how things work, you understand why they work that way. An example: you can play nearly the entire game without ever taking your left hand off the left half of the keyboard, or your right hand off the keypad. Very streamlined and focused. Switching back and forth between mouse and keyboard isn’t necessary at all.

I could praise it some more, but I haven’t played enough for that, so you’d just call me a liar 😛

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