Democracy Player Now Called Miro, Still Fantastic

sub-logo.pngDemocracy Player is was a video player with an iTunes Store-like interface bolted on. “Gah,” you say, “boring, next!” But the difference is, this player plays your content, video made by countless amateurs and professionals and distributed over the net. The channels Miro offers are somewhere out there, but to find them on your own is nigh impossible. The player makes it easy by grouping content into channels, giving them some order and making them searchable. All content is free (as in beer), and because Miro uses BitTorrent for its downloads, popular content can stay popular without costing the maker a fortune in bandwidth.

Another intriguing feature, in case you somehow got addicted to HD content, is that Miro offers plenty of that. They claim they have more HD movies than any other source, either online or off. I can’t verify that because I’d be waiting weeks for a HD clip to finish downloading, what with my throbbing 600 Kbit connection and all, but I’m sure it’s true.

Even if you’re not interested in downloading any of that stuff, the interface I mentioned makes it easy to sort your own collection of videos and the built-in VLC player can play almost any format ever, ever!

Grab Miro for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X or Windows from the Miro website.

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