New Category and New Language: Planet HGKZ and German

We’re about to start a blogging experiment at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Zurich (abbreviated HGKZ in German) where those of us who blog about work-related things add a matching category to their blogs. From there, posts in that category are aggregated into a planet, the address of which I’ll spit onto these pages as soon as it’s known.

The goal is, mostly, to let each other and the public know what we waste our time with at the office. Sometimes we do interesting and groundbreaking things that might be useful for other people to replicate, but no one ever knows — this has to change. A side effect is that the taxpayer can observe first hand what they pay us for. At least from my perspective, this kind of transparency is extremely important.

One problem for me is that I’ve only blogged in English so far, but most readers of Planet HGKZ will probably like German better. Since WordPress seems to only have suboptimal solutions for multilingual blogging, that will make my blog a bit messy in the future. If you don’t know German, just ignore the Planet HGKZ category and you should be fine.

Personally, I plan to use that category to blog about the issues I encounter day by day. Mostly things about Free Software, software licensing, cultural licensing (CC and the like), GNU/Linux system administration, heterogeneous networks and interoperability and the odd bit about cultural events in Zürich and around it. A solid, tight-packed bundle of boredom for you to enjoy!

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