Dell Germany Refunds Vista/Works Price to Swiss Customer

Hurrah! “mad” from created a fantastic precedent for us silly Swiss people: He sent one e-mail to Dell and immediately got a refund for both the unwanted Vista and the copy of MS Works included with his new laptop. He saved 15% on the laptop’s price this way, as well as getting rid of software he doesn’t use. Read his story in English or German.

This is fantastic news. I will personally have the opportunity to try getting a Windows refund in a few weeks, as my employer has allowed me to try getting the money back on the next laptop they order for me. The company who sells us these laptops has so far adamantly refused to take back the licenses, even though we never needed any Windows licenses (and their behavior is against the MS EULA). With this precedent, they will have a much harder time trying to argue their way out of the license agreement, which explicitly states that a refund for cash is not only possible but required if you don’t agree with the license. And we don’t.

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