GIA Mirror gets own Forum

If you look at my GIA Mirror these days, you’ll notice a new information bar at the top of every HTML page. Don’t worry, the files are all still in pristine condition, I wouldn’t go and add things to any of them. The message on the top is dynamically added to the page. But what’s probably more interesting is what the message says.

“If you feel like reliving your nostalgia, why not look at our forums? Any news about the mirror itself will be posted in the Meta forum.”

So there! I’m calling all GIA nostalgists and gaming nostalgians to bathe in their memories and mingle with the rest of us. And if you can handle an overdose, try this: Buy the newly released Final Fantasy VI Advance, if you’ve played FFVI back in the day. Ah heck, buy it even if you’ve never heard of it and don’t own a GBA. Then play until right after Narshe, right when all your memories are flooding back, right when you remember the puberty-driven silly names you gave your characters back when you played it the first time, when hearing the overworld music activates a part of your brain that hasn’t been exercised for a decade, bullied by worries about tax reports and juggling real life’s growing responsibilities.

Then read this review. Now cry a little tear for what has been.

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